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We are here not for income, but for outcome

Justice and Environment ‘JEF’s slogan which is ‘Voice for Justice’ is an International Non-governmental Organization based in Kenya which aims to advocate for human rights, protect the environment while empowering individuals.

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Prior to the incorporation of Justice and Environment Foundation, ‘JEF’; the founders of JEF were already involved in the Mau Mau litigation working with other entities in 2011 and as result, over 8,000 victims were registered. JEF is currently involved (working with other UK solicitors) in the ongoing Group Litigation in the UK seeking reparation against the British Government through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (London-UK). The suit concerns Mau Mau victims who were tortured during the British Emergency period between 1952-1963.

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Tea Workers Human Rights

JEF aims to educate workers on their rights especially those working within the tea farms industry. This has been necessitated by the need to create public awareness on their health which could be affected by strenuous labor & injuries.

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