For the last two years that JEF has been in existence it has been involved in MAU MAU litigation in Meru, Kasikeu and Kiundwani. We are looking forward for the compensation of this MAU MAU War Victims in the near future. Currently JEF is involved in conceptualising new projects which are tackling Environmental degradation challenges and bordering on Human Health and Occupational Health.


JEF engages professionals from various fields from time to time as part of the implementation of its various projects where the professionals can be engaged as employees associates or consultants. Some of the professionals involved are Lawyers, Doctors, Community Health Workers and Researchers.

JEF  is an equal opportunity employer and thus welcome application from qualified men and women. If you are interested kindly send your CV to jeforg2014@gmail.com


As part of JEF mission to improve capacity in the area of Environmental sustainability through litigation advocacy and research, the internship program provide an opportunity for students from various fields to get hand on experience in a professional working environment.

The objectives of the internship programs are

  1. To empower students to gain experience and prepare them for the labour market
  2. To prepare students in the ideal of Environmental Sustainability
  3. To create an environment for hands on experience.


Students interested in Internship should write an application letter indicating type of internship, period of internship, field of study, institution and why they want the internship.

Your application should be accompanied with a CV and supporting letter from the institution.

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