Mau Mau Compensation

JEF has been involved with Mau Mau cases from 2012 where is has been at the focus of locating and signing up thousands of mau mau torture victims. Ronald who is the Founder of JEF was instrumental in starting the current mau mau case at Ashton Fox Solicitors in 2011. He then set up a similar mau mau department at GT Law Solicitors and also at Knights Law solicitors where he is a Consultant Solicitor.

The project aims to assist the victims to seek compensation from the UK Government. JEF has been involved in meeting and assisting clients to seek compensation from Kasikeu, Meru and in Naivasha regions of Kenya.

Over and above the compensation, the mau mau will require to be educated on how to best utilise any compensation they get. JEF has a strong tram who are dedicated and having dealt with these vulnerable people, will guide them accordingly.

The mau maus are also in their advanced ages and will require constant taking care of as they are in their sunset days.


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